ZENE Light Kit for LEGO Fender® Stratocaster™ #21329

ZENE Light Kit for LEGO Fender® Stratocaster™ #21329

Lego guitars are sure to delight guitarists, especially Stratocaster owners.

This guitar is great, the build quality is great, the parts snap together nicely, and the edges are neat. The design is consistent with the themes of LEGO Creator, some LEGO Ideas, and more recently adult sets, with realistic curves that restore the unique shape of the Stratocaster.

The Stratocaster, or "Strat" ​​as it is affectionately known, is one of the most iconic electric guitars of all time. I was pleasantly surprised by its internal structure, after all, this set uses a lot of parts to create realistic circuits and electronic components, but most of the time they are hidden and can't be seen from the outside, so It's a pity it didn't make much of an impression at first sight.

But don't worry, ZENE uses unique lighting to highlight the electronic sense of the strings, and the lamp post of the speaker can imitate the rhythm of the music through the control of the chip, and the rhythm makes the electric guitar feel dynamic. We even have a music version to let the guitar have a sound, and you can also put your favorite music to play, so that Strat can not only play but also listen.

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