Light up LEGO's Eiffel Tower #10307

Light up LEGO's Eiffel Tower #10307

LEGO's Eiffel Tower #10307 is a representative work. It uses 10001 pieces of building blocks and the most advanced design at present to reproduce the details of the real Eiffel Tower.

The original Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building in New York and the TV Tower in Tokyo are both known as the three most famous buildings in the world.

Because of their novel and unique design, they are known as the technical masterpiece in the history of world architecture, and also known as the "Iron Lady" by the French, becoming one of the symbols of Paris. If Notre Dame is the symbol of ancient Paris, then the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of modern Paris. This iron tower represents the most advanced and boldest achievements in architectural technology of the whole century. It became the symbol of the industrial revolution that swept the world at the time.

The iron tower is located in Ares Square on the banks of the Seine River in downtown Paris. It is a hollow structure iron tower with a total height of 324 meters. The four faces of the tower are engraved with the names of 72 scientists, all of whom are engaged in research to protect the tower from being destroyed. The tower was first built to welcome the World Expo and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It was named after Eiffel, a famous French architect and engineer, and a bust of Eiffel was built at the foot of the tower in the north.

During the day, you can admire the Eiffel Tower. The steel structure is clear and awe-inspiring. At night, the tower is another scene. The searchlight emits RGB multicolor light, and countless bulbs create a flashing effect.

ZENE lights up this super tall LEGO architecture building. I especially like the stars dotted on it, because they are simple and bright, making it stunning even during the day. At this time, you are really standing at the entrance of the Palais de Chaillot on the other side of the Seine River watching the Eiffel Tower. LED lights are what give Interlocking Building Accessories soul and vitality.

Our lighting is also committed to this. In order to provide as many scenes and programs as possible to match your needs, we have three options:

1. The warm color version. They have two levels. There is less light in the basic version than in the classic version. White is the color, and there are no multi-colored parts. There are light bulbs at the four corners. Remote Control Ver. Using the gray remote control (mainly used to control the dynamic speed), it can be fixed to full lighting mode.
LEGO Eiffel Tower #10307 Light Kit (

2. The multi color version uses the gray remote control (mainly used to control the dynamic speed). The main feature is that it is divided into three sections. The theme color of each section is different, and their dynamic speed can be controlled by the remote control, but can not be fixed to full light mode. There are light bulbs at the four corners.
LEGO Eiffel Tower #10307 Light Kit Multi Color (

3. The multi color RGB version uses the white remote control (for color selection, more than four colors are available on our poster). One of the main features is the use of optional color throughout the tower. Also, there is a twinkling star effect outside the tower, and there are large spotlights at the four corners.
LEGO Eiffel Tower #10307 Light Kit RGB Multicolor (

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