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Lego Harry Potter series perfectly reproduce the imagination of movies and novels, and the magic world perfectly matches the creativity of LEGO to build Hogwarts ™ castle and train seem to be in that strange world, construction sets fans of all ages enjoying the sets allow fans to relive their favorite moments, create their own stories. Intricate building models and flexible collocation and ample space include a number of special features.

Especially after the construction is completed, it can simulate the classic scenes of Harry Potter, Quidditch's exciting competition, encounter Hedwig and Hogwarts owl, discover the secret of Chamber, buy magic wands at Diagon Alley, and never forget the express platform and train to Hogwarts College.

Once you use ZENE's lighting package to light them up, it's like touching a switch, and a miracle is about to happen. Whether you are an adult or a child, this is the best gift. It is incomparable to cultivate and educate children's hands-on ability, imagination and concentration.

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