Can LEGO’s Galaxy replicate the success of Starry Night?

Can LEGO’s Galaxy replicate the success of Starry Night?

LEGO's Galactic Journey Continues with Stunning New Sets

LEGO has been on a stellar sales journey, highlighted by the success of The Starry Night #21333. Now, they're extending that interstellar adventure with a series of captivating new releases. The Batman Gotham City #76271: The Animated Series set and the upcoming LEGO Milky Way Galaxy #31212 are just the start. Even the Mona Lisa 31213, which may appear unconventional at first glance, promises to be a unique addition to the LEGO Art Series.

While some Reddit users have expressed concerns about the apparent messiness of the artwork, especially on the box, we believe this is likely due to its resemblance to pixel art. However, upon closer inspection, the intricate details reveal a universe of wonder, much like the vast Milky Way itself. As a wall-mounted work of art, it's sure to amaze from every angle.

Introducing the LEGO 31212 "Galaxy" Set

This latest offering from the LEGO Art Series takes an abstract approach to bring the grandeur of the Milky Way to life. Using a vast array of small parts and vibrant colors, the set captures the vastness and beauty of our galaxy through meticulous design. Both adults and children alike will be fascinated by the intricate details and stunning visual impact of this wall art brick set.

What's more, while the set doesn't include traditional minifigure accessories, it makes use of unique parts like minifigure accessories and carrots (even a hidden Voyager 1 easter egg for science fiction, space, and astronomy enthusiasts!) to create the colorful spiral arms of the galaxy.

Lighting Up the LEGO Galaxy

When paired with ZENE Bricks' lighting system, the LEGO 31212 "Galaxy" set comes alive in a whole new way. Six white LED lights illuminate the galactic core, representing the brightest and most star-dense region of our Milky Way. Warm-colored LED lamps dot the gap arms, while purple and pink lights hide among the Centaurus and Fairy arms. Finally, the outermost Orion spiral arm is lit up in a vibrant blue hue.

The interplay of light and color enhances the overall effect, adding depth and dimensionality to the already stunning artwork. It's as if you're truly traveling through the vastness of space, exploring the wonders of the universe right in your own home. Whether you're a LEGO enthusiast or simply looking for a unique way to decorate your space, the LEGO 31212 "Galaxy" set is sure to impress.

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