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When LEGO released the Tron Lightcycle set, I was one of the first to order this iconic scene. The only thing missing was the “light” in Light Cycle! The Zene lighting kit is worked out perfectly and finally my Tron display comes to life, as it should! It is the center piece on my desk at work.

Great product and service.

I would buy from here again for my Lego lighting needs

Power Functions Kit for LEGO 2022 Ford GT #42154 Motor

Tested motors on an unfinished LEGO and everything works fine.GREAT buy

Motorizing this LEGO model was a great challenge and a lot of fun.I recommend this kit

Perfect lights and motion

Really great love zene they got beautiful lights and motors works great and for China fast delivery about 2 weeks to Holland
Thank you friends x


goed werkende verlichting

Not yet build

I have not build this model yet.


Power Functions Kit for LEGO Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX #42081

I had a few questions and needed help and they answered and helped me with everything I needed. Great delivery. Great product. And Great customer service. 10/10 would recommend.

Tie bomber light kit

Good product...nice install...

Inquisitor transport

Lights were a fantastic add. So happy shipping is what it is. But produce is great.customer service also good.

Thank you for your praise and look forward to more sharing from you

Bricks and lights in good quality

I've started building my Arc de Triomphe after I got this light kit, so I was able to integrate the light bricks and very small cables right from the beginning. Everything worked and looks very good.

Thank you very much for your likes, and look forward more sharing.

Light Kit for LEGO Piranha Plant Super Mario #71426?

Such an excellent product , easy to install and looks fantastic when in operation

Thank you very much for your reply. I can feel the mood of you and your daughter, and imagine the touching moment when you light up your LEGO set via ZENE kit

LEGO Natural History Museum

Got this light kit for my son's birthday he couldn't wait to fit it, with some help I ended up taking over as it can be quite finicky getting all the little wires in place, pay attention to where led are placed otherwise the sections won't fit together I toom fitting of lights to next level and drilled small holes in places to bring cables through so most of the external wiring is hidden I also added a couple of grooves where the wires are pinched between bricks as this means that it sits together properly and your not pinching the wire.

All and all it was an enjoyable experience.
I ordered the kit with remote we tested each light and they all worked on the box a battery was taped to it as the package says the battery for remote is not included so when we turned it on nothing happened I was hoping it was just the battery but had to wait till the next day to get one, thank God it worked with a new battery.

I think it feels great, and yes, the new version I sent you specifically contains more lights and also makes things more complicated. But the result is great, I like your pics, which also gives me a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, thank you very much for your suggestion. Previously, due to the cost of logistics, there were more restrictions when sending batteries. I have been improving and striving to provide a more convenient solution for ZENE lighting kits.

Fun to build.I was expecting a little more speed and power from the motors.Probaly will buy more powerful motors in the future.

The two XL motors currently used are not racing versions. Considering that the differential and other gears cannot withstand higher-speed wear, this is a better solution. Of course, if you like high speed, you can pay attention to our high-performance version: our website section RC BRUSHLESS, which uses alloy differentials, etc., and the speed can reach more than 60km/hr.

Do not motorize this LEGO model 10317 . THE steering mechanism doesn't work properly.I rebuilt it five times

Hi friend. We attach great importance to this issue and your feedback.
After our analysis, optimizing this section can solve the problem you raised.
The original small gear was subjected to too little force. So the torque is not enough. You can repair it by replacing the two sets of built-in large gears.
If you have any problems, we will solve them for you. Let's make progress together.

Power Functions Kit for LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS #42056
Alain Burnet


Light Kit for LEGO Orient Express Train #21344

Very nice experience to buy. The installed lights are fitting perfect in the car and die to the thin wires they are easy to hide and pull thru the body of the car to the controller .


the lights where better than imagined easy to instal and the manual was not too difficult to find and or apply

Awsome...some problems w delivery but glad I received it...price. was great.and customer service was on it

Loved it

I've used different similar vendors in the past for my lego set's however your instructions are so spot on I will definitly use you guys in the future

Thank you very much for your support and look forward to more cooperation.

Christmas present

My son in law loved it

Pleased with Zene

Ordered the combo differential, hubs, and motor and installed them in the 42160 Audi. Had to lower the voltage it is so fast!