About Us

About Us

  • ZENE is a company creating compatible LEGO brick sets founded in 2021, driven by a deep passion for creativity and innovation. Our name draws inspiration from Hungarian culture, where 'Zene' represents artistry and creativity. It also reflects the concept of infinite reflection and contemplation found in Zen Buddhism, signifying our commitment to limitless imagination. The 'e' in 'ZENE' symbolizes the connectivity of the digital age, emphasizing our mission to share our creative vision with the world. 

  • To do something because we believe that LEGO bricks, despite their physical limitations, offer boundless possibilities for creativity. Our philosophy extends beyond these limits. We spark imagination and create a sense of wonder with our captivating lighting and interactive elements. Bring your creations to life with integrated motors, adding a whole new dimension to play.

  • The world of LEGO has no boundaries. Every story has infinite possibilities. Focus on the positive aspects of your creations, like their creativity, uniqueness, or problem-solving elements, while staying true to the core LEGO building experienceSurreal scenes, colorful colors, and eye-catching magic are the weird world that every LEGO fan dreams of. Here is to ideas, not meet the current, and looking for partners, which are my original intention to create here.

  • LEGO is a brand beloved by people of all ages, capable of sparking creativity and subverting expectations. At ZENE, we're not just looking for friends; we're building a family united by our love for LEGO.

    We are not looking for friends. We are a family!

"They think LEGO is about following the rules of the game, but LEGO isn't just about education or games - it's about creativity!" BETC founder Rémi Babinet said in an interview.

We Promise

  1. Quality Assurance: The quality and experience first, no matter what kind of quality problem you have, we will solve it for you unconditionally.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: Improving our services and delivery. you can contact us at any time, by email or online message, we ensure effective reply to every email and message, and we humbly welcome your suggestions to enhance our offerings.
  3. Agile Innovation: We continually focus on high-quality delivery and agile user experience improvement, valuing your questions and suggestions as invaluable contributions. Continue to think about how to provide better products and how to solve questions and problems more effectively.
  • "Don't worry". This is our service commitment to you. We will solve your needs and questions.
  • Rest assured, at ZENE, we're here to address your needs and questions with the utmost dedication. Your satisfaction is our commitment.