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Lego Power Functions is a popular line of Lego building sets that allows Lego fans to add motion and remote control to their Lego creations. LEGO Technic fans can expand their playing options with the Power Functions Motor Set. ZENE supplementary power set comes with a medium motor, battery box, switch, etc.The physical transmission principle of the mechanical group is embodied, especially on the piston engine, which is loved by locomotive fans. It allows you to master the physical principle in observation, teach and enjoy, and finally overcome difficulties and maintain the habit of patiently building. When the car model is assembled, the sense of achievement is full! Lego Mechanical Group is undoubtedly the favorite series of building block players. Whether it's hobbies, gifts, children's education & toy, creative challenges, technical embodiment, or handsome modeling, Lego Technic can all meet. Of course, the technic difficulty is also the highest, with infinite possibilities, and even needs physics, such as gears, differentials, transmissions, and so on. Players who love the McLaren brand have long hoped that the Technic series could launch a top-ranking McLaren product. Now there are Senna # 42123, McLaren F1 # 42141 There is also the American favorite pickup truck, F-150 # 42126. We use two oversized monster motors to make it powerful. Ferrari is more of a permanent legend and love. Lego, which has cooperated with Ferrari for 15 years, has brought leaping horse works in the Technic series for the first time. The precision is obviously far higher than the Speed series version. All kinds of mechanical linkage components will also make real car fans marvel at it, such as the 488 GTE # 42125, and the 2022 flagship product Ferrari Daytona SP3 # 42143 Jeep theme products released by Lego. Its playability is significantly higher than those of the traditional Lego building blocks we know. Some elements such as door bridge modification and mechanical gear can excite off-road enthusiasts. For example, Wrangler # 42122 ZENE Power Functions Motor Set works with all power function compatible LEGO building toys for creative building. Once users have built the car, they can use the remote control to make it move forward, backward, left, and right. The remote control also has buttons for controlling the car's stunts, so users can make it perform flips and spins with the push of a button. ZENE Power Functions Kit compatible with your favorite LEGO® Technic. Easy to install Low latency, high torque and power motor kit through mobile phone or operating handle Remote Control. Through the combination of XL, L, M, Servo, train motor, monster motor and components required for modification. Opening the rear cover, turns the tire, and watches the engine running through the mechanical principle, which is really fascinating! For example: LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS #42056 Although compared with the cool appearance, complex principle, fine design and so on of the younger generation, they are slightly inferior, but classic, always classic! LEGO Dom's Dodge Charger #42111 Restore the real car at a ratio of 1:13, and explore the rich details of this retro muscle car with the modified Dodge Warrior Horse in 1970! The car has an openable hood, door and trunk cover. The "jack" on the bottom of the car can bounce up the body to reproduce the classic scenes of the movie. The classic atmospheric dark color matching shows the cool appearance! The iconic V8 engine under the hood has nitro bottle to provide additional power, independent suspension system and front wheel linkage steering structure! Having him is like the handsome and brave man in the movie of speed and passion! LEGO McLaren F1 #42141 and Power Functions Kit for LEGO McLaren Senna GTR ™ Lego and McLaren began to cooperate in 2015, and launched the Speed Champions series that previously included McLaren P1720S and McLaren Senna. Now, the first technology series supercar that Lego and McLaren cooperated with was officially launched in the Lego machinery group. Lego used 830 parts to interpret this McLaren Senna GTR supercar. Lego gives the scissors door design that fits the real car very well, which is really exciting. At the same time, the V8 engine with more reduction piston is also provided in the vehicle LEGO Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 #42115 The Lamborghini FKP37 is also a 1:8 true replica, which restores the original appearance of the real car. The front blade style of the car, the liftable tail wing, the door, steering wheel, and the engine can be moved. It is equipped with an 8-speed gearbox, which highly restores the real situation of the sports car. Classic color matching is definitely worth collecting by the value friends of Lego. LEGO Ferrari Daytona SP3 #42143 1:8 is a true replica of Ferrari's new car of the year. The classic butterfly wing door that can be opened, the detachable convertible design, the elastic suspension, the replica of the 8-speed sequential transmission with oscillating paddles, and the piston V12 movable engine make the whole car extremely playable. Whether you play or display it at ordinary times, you can easily capture you. LEGO Bugatti Chiron #42083 Bugatti Chiron, which was launched in 18 years, is definitely a classic product of Lego Machinery Group, and also the first choice of many friends to enter the pit machinery group. The 1:8 simulation restoration is the same as the real car after assembly. The most interesting thing is the W16 engine restoration. Each cylinder piston can move like a breath, with three gears adjustable, forward and backward, and the door, front box, and tail wing can move. LEGO Land Rover Defender #42110 Legend of hard off-road There are also packages of other LEGO products 42127 Batman chariot moc 1989 42125 Ferrari 488 42096 Porsche 911RSR 76240 Batman Warrior TUMBLER 42126 Ford Raptor F-150 and, 10254, 10194 using the train motor kit Even the Lego Batman 76240 can be retrofitted and moved by remote control.
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