Notre-Dame de Paris #21061: Based on bricks, mixed with creativity, cr

Notre-Dame de Paris #21061: Based on bricks, mixed with creativity, creating classics

I know that Notre Dame de Paris is from: French writer Victor Hugo's literary work "Notre Dame de Paris" is famous all over the world, depicting life in medieval Paris, a series of attractive plots and unique stories, based on Notre Dame de Paris. The hospital is an important background.
I don’t know how you knew about it for the first time.

Many people knows the church was built in the 12th century and has undergone centuries of construction and alterations. It is one of the masterpieces of medieval Gothic architecture. It is famous for its elegant flying vaults, exquisite carvings and magnificent rose windows. One of the most famous rose windows is the North Rose Window,
Features colorful glass window decorations. In addition, the spire of Notre Dame is also one of its iconic features, and together with the Eiffel Tower, it is part of Paris's most famous skyline.

The second time I was impressed was when Notre Dame suffered a serious fire on April 15, 2019, which caused serious damage to the church's spire and wooden dome. The fire attracted global attention. French President Macron made an emergency speech saying that this monument to European culture and French spirit must be rebuilt.

The new LEGO Notre Dame de Paris model perfectly restores the appearance and internal details of the building through delicate particle design. ZENE Bricks will also release lighting works as soon as possible to make the classics more real.

During the assembly process, you will be able to experience for yourself the unique decoration of Notre Dame’s interior. The black and white checkered floor seems to take you through time and space, back to medieval France. The seats, statues and murals inside make people feel the richness of history and cultural heritage.

With this model, you can not only own a mini version of Notre Dame de Paris, but also gain an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of this building during the assembly process. Let history truly be collected by you and let the classics remain forever.

Of course, LEGO is not the only one doing this great cause. "How to restore Notre Dame de Paris" has become a hot topic among architects and designers around the world.

Various restored design drawings have been circulated on the Internet, and various exquisite and unconstrained creations are expected to leave a record on this great wealth of mankind.

For example, Miysis Studio’s future garden balances history, tradition and futurism.

Studio Drift hopes to rebuild Notre Dame in an environmentally friendly way using sustainable materials, making the ancient building an icon of the future rather than stuck in the past.

Parisian architect Vincent Callebaut hopes to create a more equitable relationship between humans and nature.

The architectural designers of Who Cares?! seem to prefer real estate. They are known for their out-of-the-box ideas and creative design methods, and pay special attention to the quality of living spaces in their designs.

The design completely abandons the original Gothic spire of Notre Dame and transforms the old and dark attic into a bright penthouse apartment. I think the price of the apartment will be very amazing.

The design concept of French studio NAB is "focusing on health and a better living environment." Their design has an advanced imagination, which is to create a botanical garden to integrate the church with nature.

Russian architect Alexander Nerovnya's design features an all-glass roof and traditional minaret, mixing modern elements into the ancient building. He hopes visitors will feel a close connection with history through a design that combines tradition and modernity.

There are also many imaginative creations, which are very much like the world of Lego. People are based on bricks, mixed with creativity, and create classics.

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