The Most Epic LEGO Avengers Tower Reveal Ever: #76269

The Most Epic LEGO Avengers Tower Reveal Ever: #76269

New updated: Lighting is released: ZENE LEGO

Today, we're going to take a detailed look at the new Avengers Tower, set to release on Black Friday in 2023, which falls on November 24th. 

This set is priced at $500 and includes 5,201 pieces. If you purchase it on Black Friday between the 24th and the 27th, you'll receive a cool promo—a classic Yellow Taxi Cab from New York City with four Minifigures: two Out Riders, a taxi driver, and Black Panther. Although I don't have images of the promo, I do have a description.

I am incredibly excited about this set—it's the first massive Avengers Tower, and it boasts the highest number of Minifigures ever released in any set. Let's begin by examining the box.

zenelego LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal #76269

I won't dwell too long on the packaging, as we'll have an in-depth look at the set shortly. The box showcases various angles, and the abundance of Minifigures is astonishing. The Avengers Tower is prominently featured, and the back of the box displays a clean view of the tower, with characters in dynamic positions.

zenelego LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal #76269

The set stands at 90 cm tall and sits on a standard 32x32 base plate. It is modular-compatible with the superhero street and other modular sets like Ninjago cities or iconic buildings, though some adjustments may be necessary.

Starting with the ground floor, you'll find the reception inspired by the endgame scene with Tony Stark and the Tesseract. Moving up, there's a scene with Hulk tearing down walls, America fighting with her shield, Vision vs. Ultron, and more. Each level has unique details, including the jail cell, a damaged Mark 6 being fixed by Dummy, and a cool Flex area. The set offers a 360° play experience with action on all sides.

zenelego LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal #76269

The Avengers Tower includes 32 figures, posing stands, and numerous references, Easter eggs, and details from the Infinity Saga. Additionally, it introduces a new transparent curved element designed specifically for this set, featuring 271 window frames and panes.


The set also includes a character named Kevin, The Avengers fan, with unique accessories. The Hulk figure has a posable head with a removable wig, allowing for creative customization.

In addition to the tower, you get a highly detailed Quinjet, Chitauri Flyers, and a Leviathon, all matching the scale of the tower. The set also features a Battle of New York Memorial, a cool detail from the Hawkeye show.

The designers discussed challenges in creating the set, including the unique curved design and the rooftop, and expressed excitement about the fans' reactions. They emphasized the fun details, such as the transparent legs on Vision, and hinted at the possibility of future Marvel sets.

In conclusion, the Avengers Tower set appears to be a remarkable addition to LEGO's Marvel lineup, offering an immersive experience with its detailed design, numerous Minifigures, and creative play opportunities. Stay tuned for the upcoming in-depth review and build of this exciting set. Don't forget to like and subscribe us ( for more LEGO content. Have a fantastic day, and farewell!


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