Review of LEGO Avengers Tower Reveal #76269

Review of LEGO Avengers Tower Reveal #76269

LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower Unveiled! After Many Rumors, Leaks, and Speculation, the Iconic Structure is Finally Here, Something the Fans Have Been Asking for Years! Judging by the Reactions I WITNESSED a Few Months Ago at the Reveal, People Are REALLY Excited. LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal

The Box Arrived Yesterday, and We Took It Upon Ourselves to Begin Building This LEGO Marvel Masterpiece Yesterday. This Will Become the Biggest LEGO Marvel Set Ever, With Over 5,200 Pieces! Surprisingly Enough, It's Not the Most Expensive at Only $500. It Includes the Most Minifigures Ever on a Retail Set With 29 of Them Plus Ant-Man, Uh, and Doctor Strange!

Interestingly Enough, the Interesting Inclusion is Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios. On Top of That, the Set Also Features a Queen Jet, Two Shiitori Fliers, and the Leviathan. It Stands at 9 cm Tall, So It's Even Taller Than the Daily Bugle Set! It Also Includes Modular Connection Points for Both Sets to Be Connected Together as Well as Modular Buildings, If You So Wish. Or Even the Ninjago City Market Sets!

The Tower Has a Full Interior Access by Removing Large Sections of the Build, Complete with Lots of Scenes Taking Place on The Avengers Tower, but Also a Few Others Not Necessarily Taking Place There as Explained by the Model Designers. LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal

It Will Be Available from November 24th Just in Time for Black Friday! And From the PR Announcement LEGO Insider Members That Purchased the Set Between the 24th to the 27th of November Will Receive a Free LEGO Marvel Taxi Set Complete with the Iconic New York Yellow Capab and Also Four Minifigures One of Them Being Black Panther!

As a Massive Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan, Myself, I am REALLY Excited to Tell You All About This Set on My Upcoming Review That Will Be Dropping Very Soon. For Now.

The design of this set is really enjoyable. Firstly, it has a brand-new curved wall element that you may have seen in the Grings set, but they were designed at the same time. Our earliest idea was to put it here. LEGO AVENGERS TOWER Reveal

In addition, it has a brand-new Hulk hair element, which is the first time in Lego history that the head of Big Hulk can be rotated, and his hair will follow suit.
Oh, by the way, there is also a brand-new bending posture element that some super players may have already used, but this is designed for this set. The entire model can be disassembled into several parts so that the details inside can be seen. The first floor is the reception area and atrium, with two American captains, one of whom has a fun butt, haha!

By the way, there is also an Iron Man laboratory, a cell, a bar, and Quinjet's room. There is also a rest area and laboratory. Assembling this model is really fun!

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