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Lego Mechanical Group is undoubtedly the favorite series of building block players. Whether it's hobbies, gifts, children's education & toy, creative challenges, technical embodiment, or handsome modeling, Lego Technic can all meet. Of course, the technic difficulty is also the highest, with infinite possibilities, and even needs physics, such as gears, differentials, transmissions, and so on.
Players who love the McLaren brand have long hoped that the Technic series could launch a top-ranking McLaren product. Now there are Senna # 42123, McLaren F1 # 42141
There is also the American favorite pickup truck, F-150 # 42126. We use two oversized monster motors to make it powerful.
Ferrari is more of a permanent legend and love. Lego, which has cooperated with Ferrari for 15 years, has brought leaping horse works in the Technic series for the first time. The precision is obviously far higher than the Speed series version. All kinds of mechanical linkage components will also make real car fans marvel at it, such as the 488 GTE # 42125, and the 2022 flagship product Ferrari Daytona SP3 # 42143
Jeep theme products released by Lego. Its playability is significantly higher than those of the traditional Lego building blocks we know. Some elements such as door bridge modification and mechanical gear can excite off-road enthusiasts. For example, Wrangler # 42122
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