ZENE Light up LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank

ZENE Light up LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Besides Hogwarts, Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank is the only bank run by goblins in the wizarding world where you can deposit money or rent a vault.

LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collectors' Edition is this year's D2C flagship set.

Our team at ZENE has begun to plan and consider how this set of lighting will be arranged. Buildings, dragons, and trains must be considered in such a complex scene, so that the lighting can extend the atmosphere and not destroy LEGO's creation.

As a set with Diagon Alley, No. 76417, 4800+ parts. It actually has fewer pieces than the 5,544 bricks at 75978 Diagon Alley, but sells for more because of the use of more expensive parts like roller coaster tracks and dragon wings.
The structure looks good, and it is expected to be launched in September. Harry Potter fans, are you looking forward to it?
Minifigures: 13
Estimated release date: September 1, 2023
Overseas price: $429.99

As described in the intelligence description, the suit includes Gringotts, Iron Belly Dragon, and underground minecarts. Among them, Gringotts and underground minecart can be placed separately, and the underground minecart can also be played alone, like the roller coaster, while Gringotts can be combined with Lego Diagon Alley.
The set also includes a special gift, 40598 Gringotts Vault, with 212 parts, with 212 parts. We would like to see what it looks like.

New release:

Ver.1: https://www.zenelego.com/products/light-kit-for-lego-gringotts%E2%84%A2-wizarding-bank-76417-harry-potter

Ver.2: https://www.zenelego.com/products/light-kit-for-lego-gringotts%E2%84%A2-wizarding-bank-76417-harry-potter-ver-2

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