ZENE LEGO Dec 2023 News

ZENE LEGO Dec 2023 News

1. A new member of the flower plant series - 10328 rose bouquet. Sale date: January 1st. Number of particles: 822. Finished product specifications: 12cm (length). Sale price: RMB 499.

This bouquet of roses includes three forms of roses, four in full bloom, four in bloom, and four buds, with some small white flowers as a foil~

2. LEGO 40713 Japan Postcard, 262 pieces, released on January 1

The set features some of Japan's most iconic landmarks, including Mount Fuji and its surrounding cherry blossom trees, Akabashi and Himeji Castle. Other components include bamboo, lanterns and lotus flowers.

3. LEGO 40725 Sakura, 438 pieces, released on January 1

This LEGO set includes 2 cherry blossom branches with pale pink and white buds, which can be combined to create 2 unique branches.

4. LEGO 40708 Mini Mermaid Castle, 557 pieces, will be launched on January 1

Mini Disney Princess Building Toy for Kids Ages 12 and Up - This miniature model of Ariel's palace from the Disney princess movie "The Little Mermaid" is filled with gold details, various undersea features, and An Ariel mini doll.

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