My LEGO Technic Career -- from partner of ZENE

My LEGO Technic Career -- from partner of ZENE

I remember the year that I start to play the LEGO was 4, what I played was a set only been sold ¥69 and packed in a plastic box. Then two years later, I have bought my first LEGO Technic set. I was deeply attracted by the Technic’s exquisite design the time I started playing it. From then on, a long period, I bought only Technic’s set. Just like all of the children, then I was longed for belonging a LEGO car which I can be controlled remotely, just like the RC car. Imagine it, a super car can’t run on the ground but just be put on a box, isn’t it a pity? So, I decided to build a LEGO super car with power. But that time I didn’t know the LEGO’s power function set and for sure a child’s pocket money also can’t afford it. Fortunately, my mum sends me one on my birthday. From then on, I started my road of modified the official set to a RC set. Sure, it’s hard for me at the first few years, but soon after I imitated the structures built by other MOCers, I had a big progress.

Playing LEGO can not only treat it as a basic toy, but also learn something from it. Such as Pythagoras theorem, how a car’s gearbox work, what is differential etc. Though these may not very difficult, but some of people have no chances to get to know. Lego provided a great way to let child learn from playing. As a Chinese old saying goes that Interest is the bast teacher. I believe that learn something in interest must be easier than learn something with a boring way. From this, I was always interested in the physics math etc. This interest helps me with my study, made me successfully entered a great university. Here, I thank LEGO for its educational characteristics. It is really useful.

Nowadays, I can promise the power function modification is sure one of my advantages. I always seek for a perfect modification, so I hardly reached a compromise in my modified set. You can find that I may hide the power function and continue to have the set’s original decorations. Not only but also, the battery box must can be removed easily. As for the power, I always seek for a strong one. I have considered lots of issues that block the way I power up the set, like if the set’s original structure is stable enough, will it break when it run on the ground or do some function. After a hard work, now the LEGO set can really like a RC toy car running on the ground. It changes a static set to a set-in motion.

For more, I keep the original decorations, it can also just be put on somewhere like before. It means it was still a decorative set as before, just added some power function parts. Only being powered, the LEGO’s car set can play all of its value. It also brings more joy than a manual one. I believe that there are also lots of people just like me, loved the set-in motion, but lacking the knowledge of modification. How can this people enjoy the joyful of the motion LEGO set? With this question in mind, there must be someone to do something. Then here is the solution!

Now ZENE (, who is devoted himself to help the people power their LEGO set, founded a website to sell his power up solutions and use the best quality parts manufactured in China which the motor is more powerful than the original LEGO motor. I now cooperated with him; it makes my modification be known by more LEGO fans.

You can find lots of modified set on ZENE’s official website, including my newest modification RC 42151. ZENE now sold the modification pack, which include the extra part the modification needs and the instruction. Follow the instruction, you can modify your set easily, then enjoy. ZENE now sold all of this in a comparative low price and ZENE sure have the best cost performance. You can get all you want in a nice price, but you can highly enjoy the joy the set bring to you.

Reference: Power Functions Kit LEGO Bugatti Bolide 42151

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