Lit Up: LEGO Helmet Series with More Details in 2023

Lit Up: LEGO Helmet Series with More Details in 2023

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Lego helmet models have always been considered to exist as a series, with excellent design and display effects, as well as collection value.
In 2023, LEGO Captain Rex Helmet #75349 and Clone Commander Cody Helmet #75350 were officially announced on January 26. At the same time, a new LEGO Star Wars helmet suit Prince Leia Boushh Helmet #75351 was also released, which was also launched on March 1, 2023.


  • LEGO Captain Rex ™ Helmet # 75349, in honor of Captain Rex, one of the most famous characters in the animation series "Clone Wars", this helmet set is the self-assembly phase II helmet of Captain Rex, a clone of the 501 battalion, with its iconic blue border and range finder, and 854 parts in total, which is the largest brick model of the three new LEGO helmet series. There are various brick details on the helmet, such as the seam restored by the sticker or the number of hits, and there is also a printed display nameplate. It is of great collection value.
  • This time, our zen-estore lighting kit especially introduces a new technology integrated light strip to enhance the sense of hight tech, especially in combination with the blue most suitable for science fiction, the blue and white design that echoes the helmet, and the decorative red lights on the side, which can make the helmet feel activated at the moment of lighting it up.

Refer to: LEGO Captain Rex™ Helmet #75349 Light Kit (

  • LEGO Clone Commander Cody Helmet # 75350 is the Phase I helmet of Cody, which is composed of 766 pieces of parts. It is also from the "Clone Wars" like the 75349 Colonel Rex helmet. It restores many iconic designs of the Cody's helmet in the film and television, such as the white and orange color matching, the details on the helmet, the side antenna, the front sunshade and the red light installed on the helmet. It is also of great salute a loyal soldier with collection value.
  • ZENE lighting design also introduces the latest led light bar to reduce the graininess of LED light strip. The use of warm color lamps combined with the red light at the upper corner has a three-dimensional sense of hiding the eyes behind the helmet. There is no better choice than us to activate this helmet.

Refer to: LEGO Clone Commander Cody Helmet #75350 Light Kit (

  • LEGO Prince Leia Boushh Helmet # 75351 This Helmet has 670 pieces of parts, which is the smallest of the three new LEGO Star Wars helmets. In the movie "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi", Prince Leia Boushh once wore it as a disguise to enter Jabba's palace. Add a collage bracket with a famous brand to form an enviable central ornament. Aiming to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi".
  • When you see the picture in detail, you can feel the unique effect of this kind of lighting. It is better to use granular LED lamps to display the waveform with the green display bar on the helmet. In order to enrich the detailed effect of the helmet by adding warm lighting and hidden lights below.

Ref to: LEGO Princess Leia Boushh Helmet #75351 Light Kit (

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