To the 2024 European Championship - Lego Arena and Football Story

To the 2024 European Championship - Lego Arena and Football Story

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium - A Football Icon

LEGO Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium #10299 Light Kit

Lego Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Light Kit
Deeply rooted in the history of Spanish football, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium has been a witness to some of the most thrilling moments in European Championships. In 1984, France hosted the European Championship, but it was at the Bernabéu where a tense semi-final unfolded. After a thrilling 1-1 draw, Spain prevailed in the penalty shootout, winning 5-4 and advancing to the final. Although they ultimately fell to France, that semi-final remains a pivotal moment in Spanish football's history.

Back in 1964, the Bernabéu Stadium hosted the final of the European Nations' Cup, the predecessor of today's European Championship. In a match that marked the stadium's first hosting of a major European national team fixture, Spain defeated the mighty Soviet Union 2-1 on their home turf, claiming their first European title. Marcellino's late winner in the 84th minute sealed a historic victory that has profoundly influenced the development of Spanish football.

The Bernabéu Stadium's imprint on the European Championship's legacy is unmistakable. From that victorious 1964 final to the pulsating 1984 semi-final, this stadium has been a stage for some of Spanish football's most glorious chapters. Whether it's club or national team football, the Bernabéu remains a symbolic holy ground, its influence and importance enduring through the ages.

Light Kit for LEGO Camp Nou – FC Barcelona #10284

The Camp Nou, renowned as one of Europe's premier football stadiums, has proudly hosted numerous finals of the European Cup. In the memorable 1982 World Cup in Spain, it served as the opening venue, where Argentina fell to Belgium in a thrilling 0-1 defeat. Beyond that, the Camp Nou has also played host to other significant international football events, including the UEFA Champions League final and Olympic football matches.

These landmark events have not only elevated the international standing of the Camp Nou but have also fostered the exchange and dissemination of European football culture. While FC Barcelona itself did not directly compete in the European Cup, the club's status and influence in the history of European football are indisputable.

As the beloved home of FC Barcelona and a top-tier football stadium in Europe, the Camp Nou has witnessed countless classic moments and glorious histories, embodying the spirit and passion of football.


LEGO Old Trafford - Manchester #10272 Light Kit

Old Trafford, the legendary stadium of Manchester United, has been a witness to numerous remarkable moments in the club's illustrious history. Even though Manchester United may not be directly involved in the Euro 2024 tournament, the LEGO Old Trafford model offers fans a captivating way to relive the magic of the game and immerse themselves in the club's rich tradition.

This LEGO model beautifully captures the stadium's essence, from its distinctive twin towers and the renowned "Stretford End" to the hallowed turf where legendary players have graced. As fans gather to watch the Euro 2024 matches, this model serves as a powerful reminder of the unwavering passion and excitement that Manchester United fans share for their beloved club and the sport they cherish.

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