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LEGO New Product 10341 Artemis 1 Rocket: Enhancement

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Experience the Thrill of a Real Launch with the Enhanced Lego 10341 Artemis I Rocket

Imagine that the Lego 10341 Artemis I rocket in your hand is no longer just a static model. ZENE Bricks plans to use spray to simulate the shock device of the real launch scene. We will bring you the enhancement of this set, allowing your rocket to be ready to launch on the launch platform, and allowing you to feel the exciting feeling of the countdown to launching the rocket within close proximity!
In this enhanced package, we plan to add a well-designed spray with red light, so that you can easily create a spectacular scene of the rocket waiting for launch on the launcher. When the spray starts, the red water mist will gush out, covering the rocket with a layer of mysterious and dazzling red light, as if the rocket is about to break through the sky and head for the moon.

Lego Nasa Artemis Space Launch System 10341

In addition, this spray also has the function of air humidifier, so that you can enjoy fresh and moist air while enjoying the rocket launch, making you feel as if you are at the rocket launch site and feel the exciting moment.
In addition, regarding the powertrain, the designers of ZENE Bricks are also considering modifying the conveyor elevator and scaffolding above to allow it to be controlled for lifting and lowering, thereby further enhancing the realism of the scene and the playability of the set. Of course, we still have a lot of work to do, such as how to not damage the appearance of the rocket and match it with this special orange color. There are also optimizations in mechanical transmission.
This set, numbered 10341, has been revealed as the NASA Artemis 1 rocket and is equipped with a launch pad. It is reported that the set consists of 3601 parts and is priced at $259.99. It is expected to be released on May 15th.

The Artemis 1 set is highly likely designed based on the same named Artemis 1 rocket launched in 2022. This rocket is the first mission in NASA's lunar exploration mission series. The Artemis 1 mission was proposed in 2012 as part of the Artemis program, which aims to achieve deeper lunar exploration goals including "landing at the South Pole of the Moon" and "establishing a sustainable lunar base.".

On November 16, 2022, Eastern Time, NASA's Artemis 1 lunar rocket was successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center, marking the first flight of the SLS rocket and the second mission of the Orion spacecraft. NASA had originally planned to carry out the Artemis 2 manned flight mission at the Kennedy Space Center, but the mission has been postponed to September 2025.
10341 can be paired with LEGO IDEAS series package 21309 LEGO ® The perfect combination of NASA's Apollo Saturn V (1969 parts) and rumored model with a launch pad will help better showcase the rocket visually and in terms of placement. However, Saturn 5 does not have a matching launch pad, and they still need some consideration and design when placed together
We speculate that it is related to LEGO 21309 ® The Apollo Saturn V package from NASA is similar, and the SLS rocket in this package may be designed as a structure with different stages and detachable boosters, connected by air lock components in the middle.

In terms of color, this design will definitely go beyond the traditional black and white color scheme, as the SLS's main launch pad is based on a space shuttle design modification, and its deep orange color is particularly eye-catching. LEGO may draw inspiration from the color scheme of the 2011 LEGO 10231 Space Shuttle Expedition Package.

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