Light Kit for LEGO Ghost Busters ECTO-1 #10274

Light Kit for LEGO Ghost Busters ECTO-1 #10274

How can we be regarded as an excellent building block car model? First of all, you should have a beautiful appearance. It can either restore the appearance of the original car or be created by the designer freely. Because the car models are put on the shelf most of the time except for assembly, so looking good enough is the first element.
Secondly, there should be play points that match the number of parts. I am disgusted with large and inappropriate suits. One sided pursuit of the number and volume of parts ignores its own content. In one word, it is "exquisite".
Finally, there is the splicing skill. The longest time for players to stay with the model at one time is the time of splicing. This is also the time when they are most impressed with a suit. If a Lego can not give a fresh assembly experience and just repeat the boring floor tiles, it is a failure in itself.
The Lego small particle car models that meet these elements are mainly three series of model teams in the 1990s, Designer sets in the 2000s and creative master car models starting from 10220 Volkswagen T1 in 2011. It is a pity that the small particle car models have no unique series since the model team.

The Ghost Catcher is not a traditional car model. After all, it's a big IP bonus for animation and movies in the last century. It's just because it's not traditional enough. It looks very different in the retro line series of Creator car models. Lego Creator has already had a Fiat 500 in 2020, so it's just like being squeezed into this series to get warm.
Because of that well-known reason, the Ghost Catcher 2020 was postponed to this year (probably longer), so this Ghost Catcher was hot at that time but did not sell well. It was very fatal for a suit with a sales life of only two to three years, but the classic always shines. Today, it is still a very popular suit in 2022.

The most surprising step was to reuse the cylindrical parts of two oxygen tanks,
It was originally used to provide a fixed point for the air inlet grille that was not yet secure when Part 7 was building the car head. When the oxygen tank was built and then disassembled as the cylinder body, I am not sure whether it was the first of 10274, but it really gave me a fresh feeling.
Some people said that the ladder was not enough to restore and moved from the original right to the left. However, this ghost catching car is a ghost catching car facing the Super Expendables in 2020. After watching the trailer, it is really on the left. In addition, the four wheeled car in the rear compartment and the most distinctive ejection seat have changed.

The details of the roof are very rich and even a little crowded. There are a lot of equipment that I can't recognize. As an authorized car, whether it meets the current aesthetic standards is not the first factor it needs to consider. As long as the appearance is enough, it can be restored, but its own positioning. If the crowd he is targeting is movie fans, its number should be 712 ×× Not 102 ××, However, if it is a car fan or a machine fan facing the crowd, it is a car model that does not exist in the anime in real life.
The dome light knob in front of the roof is the most satisfactory mechanical structure of the whole car. The simple linkage steering mechanism eliminates the need to reach into the cab and turn the steering wheel to control the direction, which greatly improves the experience of playing. The second mechanical function of the roof is that the semicircle pot cover antenna and dual tube sniffer on the roof will rotate 360 ° and swing 90 ° left and right with the right rear wheel. There are three English signs in the instrument manual on the roof, and I will release its Chinese translation pictures on the next floor.
I try my best to describe these collage evaluations as frankly as possible, without involving too many personal views. The overall evaluation of the small particle car model is regrettable but excellent. If you are a mechanical fan like me and regret that you cannot receive the giant truck 5571 in 1996, then it is highly recommended to start this ghost catching car with an unknown future. Maybe it will sell because of the movie blockbuster, or it may not be noticed because of the movie downturn. In fact, these are irrelevant to pure Lego fans, as long as it is fun, novel and beautiful.

Are you willing to activate such a sophisticated and highly playable package? ZENE has given two sets of lighting schemes, especially the flashing of the roof and the bright light of the round headlights, which instantly started the ghost trap. It's like calling everyone to start the game.